Our Managing Director & Chairman

Managing Director Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh is the living embodiment of care, He dedicated 20 years of life to build an eco-system of care for everyone.

Jagjit Singh’s customer-centric and problem-solving attitude with his humility and care have created a culture. of professionalism and care in the company. His humility and care is the bedrock of Alna’s culture.

Jagjit Singh being. a philanthropist and a humble man always focuses on impact with Alna, he has funded multiple projects that help people and consistently will help people in the future.

Care At Every Stage Of Life

Jagjit Singh

Pioneering New Frontiers 01

Jagjit Singh’s ability to take massive steps for growth are extraordinary. In the early stages of Alna he started pursuing international business as he understood his vision and new that the organisation he is building will not be limited to india but will reach new countries and new people and take care. of them.

Pushing Growth! 02

Jagjit Singh is determined on growing alna into a conglomerate company and his vision can be seen on each and every step alna takes.

Crafting a Culture Of Happiness! 03

Jagjit Singh is not only a hardworking person he is so much more, he has always celebrated every moment of Alna’s growth.

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