Brand Name : ALEFLOX 500

Packing : 10*10

Composition : LEVOFLOXACIN 500MG

PACKING : 10*10
MRP : 100/- 10 Tab 

Description : 

  • Levofloxacin 

Levofloxacin is an antibiotic that that may be used to treat different types of bacterial infections. Levofloxacin may also be used to treat people who have been exposed to anthrax or certain types of plague.

Levofloxacin is usually only used for bacterial infections that cannot be treated with safer antibiotics. This is because levofloxacin is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic and fluoroquinolone antibiotics can cause serious or disabling side effects.

  • Medicinal Benefits 

Levoflox Tablet  is an antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial infections resulting in pneumonia (Fluid build up in the lungs), urinary tract infection,  bladder infection, prostate gland infection as well as skin infections. Levoflox Tablet inhibits the growth of bacteria that are then destroyed by the immune cells of our body. Levoflox Tablet also kills bacteria by disrupting their inner cellular contents thus fights infection, with lesser chances of causing bacterial resistance to it as compared to other antibiotics.

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